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Perfect Tiles for the Sunshine Coast

Perfect Tiles for the Sunshine Coast

Tiles for the Sunshine coast are perfect to use as a floor or wall covering. With our high humidity and outdoor centred lifestyle, tiles are the logical choice for any area. Tiles are non-absorbent which makes them hygienic and easy to clean. This means we can have kids and pets through the home, from out to in, without having to worry about their dirt damaging our floor coverings. Tiles are also cool to the touch and therefore assist in keeping the family cool during our blazing hot summers.  

Indoor / Outdoor Tiles

In addition, we have a wide range of tiles that have been specifically created to give a smooth flow from indoors to out whilst still maintaining safety. These tiles are known as indoor/outdoor tiles and are created in a variety of colours, with textured surfaces and without. This gives us the flexibility to put the textured surface outside for safety when wet and the smooth surface inside for easy maintenance. Both are in the same colour which gives us continuity of design.  

New Styles and Designs

Gone are the days where we were limited to the browns, creams and avocado greens. There are so many new styles, designs and finishes available on the market today that almost anything is possible. At Kelwin Coastal Carpets, we focus on bringing you the cutting edge of tile designs and have several, exciting mosaics, subway tiles, prints and feature tiles with textures and shapes that are bound to get the creative juices flowing.  


Due to the inherent durability of tiles, they are an excellent investment. Tiles, if laid correctly, will give you years of service without any deterioration whatsoever. In fact, tiles are probably the most durable flooring option currently available and as such worthy of consideration when making choices. If one takes all the above into account, then tiles are the perfect choice for the Sunshine Coast climate and lifestyle. The friendly team at Kelwin Coastal Carpets are ready and waiting to assist you with your flooring choices.