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Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide

Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide

As a specialist supplier and installer of vinyl flooring in Mooloolaba and the Sunshine Coast, we are often asked what to look for when buying vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is a plastic material sold as sheets.

Sheet flooring is generally used where a seamless look is sought after. Also being near impenetrable to damage from water, which seeps between the joints of other flooring materials. Installation of sheet vinyl is typically best handled by an experienced installer.

How it’s Made

Two manufacturing techniques are used to produce sheet vinyl flooring: inlay and rotogravure printing. The more expensive and durable of the two is inlaid flooring, the pattern goes all the way through to the backing. In the manufacturing process, vinyl granules are applied to a backing through a series of templates. Giving the design substantial visual depth.

Multiple layers are fused together, and then the surface is given a wear layer for protection. With the less expensive rotogravure floor, the pattern is printed with vinyl inks onto a coated mineral felt backing and a wear layer is added.

Vinyl tiles may be a composite—a mixture of vinyl, mineral fibers, and clay—or, for more durability, they may be solid vinyl.

What to Look for When Buying Vinyl Flooring

It almost always pays to opt for a high-quality material that will last when buying vinyl flooring, because labour is a significant part of a flooring job unless you do it yourself. High-quality vinyl is generally thicker than run-of-the-mill varieties and has a very durable wear layer that helps repel dirt and spills.

Look for a urethane wear layer or, better still, an enhanced urethane wear layer. Urethane wear layers hold up best to foot traffic and come closest to meeting the no wax promise. But even they will eventually lose their shine. A vinyl wear layer also offers a bit more stain-resistance.

If durability is more important to you than unlimited choice when buying vinyl flooring, be sure to check out commercial vinyl flooring. Commercial vinyl flooring comes in a smaller palette of possibilities but is extremely hard-wearing.

Vinyl flooring may be applied to a variety of flat, clean, smooth surfaces, including plywood sub-floors or concrete. Or it may be applied over existing floors such as wood, linoleum, or vinyl. But be certain the sub-floor is absolutely smooth as bumps, seams, and even raised nail heads, will eventually become visible on the new surface.

We hope this vinyl flooring buying guide was helpful.

If you are looking for vinyl flooring in Mooloolaba or the Sunshine Coast, we’d love to have a chat with you about your project.